Task#1 “my last e-learning experience”

Ralf Appelt, the lecturer of my e-learning semiar pleased us to describe our last e-learning experience, touch the picture to learn more about…..

When I set up this blog I had my last e-learning experience.

The environment  was like this:
*multimedia(audio, beamer, video, paper)
*the  lecturer Ralf Appelt was there in presence
*the tools showed to the audience were all online, on the web
*one student participated via skype and told the audience his reportable events in video and voice chat

Ralf Appelt explained the functions of a blog in words and with a blog itself.
Simultaneously the students started to set up their blogs, while they doing so, Grant,the student from Finland just finished his set up and sended the link to his new blog back to Ralf, who showed it to the audience.
This was a great stimuliation to be as fast as Grant. (for me)

Later when I continued to fill my brandnew blog with content, the “pure” e-learning started; I first ordered a coffee in a small bar near my flat, then I scanned the place for a free w-lan network (soon I found a open one) and I hacked myself in. I used the online help from edublog, I browsed the web and found this and i watched a online video tutorial.
After that I phoned a friend ask some details about design, then I chatted via skype with an other friend an discussed the content and my header photo. After that I send an e-mail to my new group:” understanding comics” and forwarded the link to my blog. Finaly I wrote a comment myself.(just to find out how it will look like in the blog…)

What I realy liked was that Grant from Turku participated via Skype, that makes the subject even more interesting to me. To learn that he can do the same Tasks as I do and listen to the same explanations several hundred kilometers away, that’s what realy thrilled me.
I would like to interact more with the far away participant.
When I looked the tutorial videos I was realy bored of the circumstance that is was impossible to fast forward the flash video, first they explained a lot about things I weren’t interested in at all.

Today I would be really happy if someone could tell my how to change the header subtext, I don’t like to read this “just an other edublog blabla” any longer…
feel free to send me a comment if you think you can help me!

I found this on the web, it’s about blogs/ blogging:

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