happy safer internet day 2012

hey gals n guys its always an occasion to refresh something at safer internet day!

today i use the date to point out the new page i installed on this blog. “the published” page! here you can find recent works.

its worth a try if you like to be informed about panorama and virtual reality.

also an up to date picture of me!



Always fresh!

The new semester is about to start. I went to university today with the illusion the semester is starting today but the incredible OE (first semester newbee party) hit me at the foyer and I knew instantly  that it must be one week before start of the semester!!

Fortunately I am a week erlier than one week to late…..

This years OE fashion is pirate style and they sung shanties when i arrived at the building. OOOooooOOOoH what a surprise!!

I liked the maritime character of it and hope this impression will be something like a mascot for my studies !

……further I hope some of them are also sympathizer of the political party of the pirates as well ….